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Thierry’s background as a professional glamour photographer all these years abroad and in the UK   has helped him develop an ‘eye’
for creating beautiful images..

Whether you are looking to build a professional portfolio (as an actor/actress, fashion or glamour model)or you are after some personal nude, erotic photos, our creative team will help you choose the right location, poses and outfits for you to get the results you desire!

Everything is organised in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so you feel at your best..

His passion for filmmaking has got him to invest as well in a 4K system ( Red one camera) to capture images of clarity equal to 35mm film cameras, giving this emotional depth of 35 film photography but without the same production costs!

At DPX, we offer an individual approach to every project for artists, singers and  glamour models; Depending on your budget, we can work together on finding ideas and sets to help promoting new talents with a ‘video clip’; 

Feel free to contact us to discuss details and requirements!

All images from the Photo/Video shooting to the Retouching/Editing  are safe and done ‘ In House ‘.
No one else has access to your photos or videos; We assure extreme discretion..

We recommend an excellent Make up artist that can help you achieve the look you want or advise you if you are new into modelling. If you prefer to organise your own Make up session, we haven’t included the fee in our packages. We hardly recommend professional make up
to get the best results; ( especially for Video shoot)

We offer a choice of various locations for the photo or video shoot;  The location price will be added to the photographer rate
( Location Package ); We have a special rate for an ‘In house ‘ location in South Kensington  ( Mini package )

Again, feel free to contact us to discuss details to find the best solution for you and your budget!

Looking forward to hearing from you..

 Thierry and DPX team..